cheap yeezys-Yeezy 500 “Salt”

cheap yeezys-Yeezy 500 “Salt”

After entering the autumn and winter, the appearance rate of  cheap yeezys 500 on the street is also steadily increasing, and the market price of the first Blush color matching and all black Utility Black also rises, and the price of the female size is higher than that of the male!

cheap yeezys

There is a highly recognizable retro style, and there is a good trend of the charm, the girls are particularly handsome and generous, so they are very popular among girls. In addition, the volume of the female size is smaller than that of the male, so there is a higher market price for the female.
The next best fake yeezys 500, which is about to debut, is the “Salt” color scheme in front of you. It is similar to the first Blush color scheme. It is also a earth color, but the color is lighter and more refreshing!

Bringing a close-up picture of the real thing, friends who missed the Blush color scheme may wish to focus on it.

Yeezy 500 “Salt”
Goods number: EE7287
Release date: December

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